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Ghost left a comment for TheSailingTeacup
Feb 17, 20 at 7:16pm

eternallunar1 left a comment for TheSailingTeacup
Feb 17, 20 at 6:08pm

Eyyy there Teacup! Been a long time so it seems. How's everything been with you recently? xP

oak_chu left a comment for TheSailingTeacup
Feb 14, 20 at 6:15am

hello my name octavio i live in califoria you seem like a very postive person and would like to get to know you

Jan 21, 20 at 6:27am

It's been a minute...but hi :) And I hope everyone is having a good New Year!

☠BΣΉΣЯIƬ✴ Welcome back!
TheSailingTeacup Thank you :) How have you beeen?
☠BΣΉΣЯIƬ✴ All has been well overall, and you?
TheSailingTeacup Meh, not the best, but hoping that will change soon.
☠BΣΉΣЯIƬ✴ We'll be here for you...
TheSailingTeacup :) Thanks :) I have a dr apt in April that I've been trying to get since Oct, that then I'll need surgery and might regain lots of functions! So I still have hope!
☠BΣΉΣЯIƬ✴ Best of luck, we know you'll make it!
Neverland left a comment for TheSailingTeacup
Dec 29, 19 at 7:20pm

Well, this site does have a lot of weird glitches, but I suppose that's okay. I've been pretty good. I finally got a job, but I don't know how long it will last, b/c I'm also doing another interview soon. I feel kind of shitty interviewing for a different job behind the current one. Mainly because everyone here is so nice ~_~ lol.

Hope things on your end are great! ^____^

TheSailingTeacup haha I think you always come back when I leave and vice versa xD How are you!?!?! did you finish school? I know what you mean about the job thing, but you gotta do you! If the other place can offer something better all around then you could always ask the current one to match it. If not then go for your dreams/better job. :)
Neverland Well I'm still looking, so we'll see what happens. I did finish school. And I've been doing pretty good. The only thing that sucks is that my daily commute is a total of about 2 hours. It's not terrible, but in these weather conditions, it can be deadly. The nice thing is that my income has increased and I recently was able to buy some equipment for a home office. Just the basics so I can work from home on bad days. The best thing about my job is that I get to talk to people from all over the world O.O
TheSailingTeacup CONGRATS!!! :) Where you live again? Or do you keep that a's been so long!
Neverland I'm currently living in the Twin Cities of Minnesota lol. Seems like it's slowly thawing, but who knows if a snow storm won't arrive anytime soon lol.
Kaoichi_Yukihira left a comment for TheSailingTeacup
Dec 28, 19 at 2:34pm

Btw, that pro is scaring me lol

(Not really)

what’s going to happen to me???

Kaoichi_Yukihira left a comment for TheSailingTeacup
Dec 28, 19 at 2:29pm

Would you prefer tea or coffee in the morning?
And do you enjoy drinking coffee?
Because in my opinion, I would prefer tea.
1) it’s healthy
2) it doesn’t leave a bad taste in my mouth
3) it sometimes sweet
4) it’s just plain amazing
(I like Lemon Honey Tea, I like sweet foods and smells tbh)

+ left a comment for TheSailingTeacup
Dec 26, 19 at 9:53am

Do you like Earl Grey tea?? 0.0

prince2020 left a comment for TheSailingTeacup
Dec 22, 19 at 11:23pm

How are you

Rafael Sanzio left a comment for TheSailingTeacup
Dec 05, 19 at 8:25pm

Favorite type of tea? :0

TheSailingTeacup hmmmmm Rose Green Tea :) How about you? Or do you not even like tea!?!?! D: