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34 year old Male
Last online 1 minute ago
Tehachapi, CA
ANOTHER Before any one sends me friend requests or messages.... if youre a fraud scammer, and you fuckin know it, dont bother me! honest people that can easily verify themselves to me can message me and friend request me. dont try to ask me for money or be telling me youre in nigeria!!

before you start, the main thing i want to say is i have Manic Depressive Bipolar Disorder, and in the past ive tried managing it with reg meds, like Effexor, Depacote, Respiradal, and others, and theyve all had crazy side effects (Respiradol had my hands feet and even neck shacking and twicthing like epilepsy man or seizure boy. so now i manage it with smoking Marijuana, mainly smoking dabs, oils, and other concentrates. sooo hope you can get past that. and other "obstacles" along the way. if you can...

hello, my name is Angel, i am a nice guy looking for some friends and something more. will add more info later.

here is some more. im a bit shy, so it may take a bit for me to start chatting. I started watching anime wayy back in 1996, but back then i didnt realize it. before, i used to make fun of anime an hate it. it was thanks to Toonami that made me change, starting with Dragonball Z and Sailor Moon, followed by Gundam Wing, Tenchi Muyo, Outlaw Star, Rurouni Kenshin, and many more. my favorite of all is Ah! My Goddess.

i recently got into Haiyore! Nyaruko-san and loved it, love how Nyaruko has that crazy "come-on" attitude, very sexy(she has been giving Belldandy a challenge as for fav female character)

hmm as for type of girl im looking for, not too picky but would love a girl that is kinda like Belldandy(kind, gentle. caring) or like Nyaruko(straight forward, seductive craziness)

Deepest desire/dream
edit 11/29/2017since ive seen people add their sexual interest, im going to add mine, dont care what people think. to be quite honest, id like to have a harem of my own, just like Isei Hyodou from High School DXD but it originated from anime like Sorcerer Hunters and Tenchi Muyo lol
Simply put, id like an open relationship with 2 or more girls, if theyre ok with it
or another way to put is im VERY polyamorous

edit 3/21/2019 i wana add another thing about myself. i am a VERY loyal person. i know i said i want a harem makes me weird, but im the type of person would stand by the side of my girls, protecting them. i am not an evil person, just very... loving
with all that being said... if you can get past all this, the worst of me, great! we can get along just fine

ill have to admit that i really love lolis.... and mature/milfs... and bbws... and skinnies. i dont discriminate against or say any girl is "ugly", as all girls/women are beautiful in my honest opinion. nothing wrong with being honest right? honesty's the best policy? oh i also dont discriminate against race, religion, skin color, etc., etc.! (except when you start using your religion, race, sexual orientation, etc., etc., as an excuse to hurt, persecute, torture, and/or murder innocent people!)