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32 year old Male
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Vergennes, VT
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Marissa :) @mimi22 left a comment for superfly1414
May 25, 14 at 6:15pm
Hi! Thank you for the compliment! Are you up to date with the manga? Oh, it's so great in a horrible, heart breaking and gut wrenching way! (I'm sorry, I can't remember if I've already replied to you or not. I don't keep up with all this stuff so it's had for me to remember >.< )
Hi how are you?
Nov 12, 13 at 11:44pm
You'd be surprised that there's a lot of good animes that are short. XD I don't like things being dragged out. I like to have an ending or I'd get impatient. When it ends, it's sad but I feel complete at the same time. And it's going. Just always working. You?
It all depends on the context of the conversations. My ex felt bad for talking to a guy at a convention, and it broke my heart when she told me she felt bad because she felt like she was doing something wrong. You never want to hold someone back from making friends. But now she is dating that guy, and although it rips my soul apart, I feel like I was the better person. So like I said, its all context.
Does Vermont count? =P