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28 year old Male
Last online about 2 hours ago
Houston, TX
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Going to be entering a cosplay competition in September as Satoru Gojo. Been getting cut and realized self love is truly important. Don't let others determine your worth be it men or women. You alone, can do it on your own.
I found out I like driving sports cars
Happiness is earned not given
Life isn’t a fantasy but doesn’t mean we can stop pursuing larger goals to make it as close as possible to reach the dreams that we want most in this life. There will be those that try to break you and those you care about but don’t let it discourage you from elevating yourself more and more. Just because their perception and actions attempt at halting you doesn’t mean you give in. It means you fight harder and dig deeper into the dirt. When your dream is everything you could ever want, how could you not work even harder?