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S⃞ N⃞ A⃞ K⃞ 3⃞ E⃞

27 year old Male
Last online 27 minutes ago
La Porte, TX
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https://youtube.com/shorts/TKsw_fRpRag?feature=share4 XD
May 30, 23 at 1:45pm
IMMA CRY DUDE!!! I just try my best in the gym a day at a time. It’s not an overnight deal it’s a disciplined lifestyle.
May 30, 23 at 11:07am
@solid_dubs definitely and a mass gainer to become solid like you bro
Literally yesterday my past tried to contact me again desperately on several different platforms through someone I called my friend using the excuse that they had important shit to discuss that happened to my ex’s well being. I worry about her still in some place in my heart but told them I do not ever want to keep any door open to her ever again. I know it was just an excuse to get me to let her back in to use me as a back up. I pray for her if something did happen but I will not be back in her life.