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Sidereal Second

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ariel543 @boa646 left a comment for Sidereal Second
Aug 16, 18 at 8:50pm
hi want to be friends
Lamby @momoichi left a comment for Sidereal Second
Nov 17, 17 at 7:57pm
magnificent ginger beard and pretty flowers >w>!
I just recently moved to the Detroit area for work. Currently living in Lincoln Park, working in Royal Oak. I'm looking to make some friends in the area! Besides anime, I'm really big into board/card games. My roommate just got me into Dice Masters, and I've got a couple MtG Commander decks laying around. I also like to longboard down nature trails and whatnot, but I haven't found anywhere nice to do that here yet. If you wanna hang out, hit me up so we can get to know each other!
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