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永遠のルナ一 @eternallunar1 left a comment for seruru
永遠のルナ一 @eternallunar1
Oct 09, 20 at 11:19pm

Yo there Seruru, it's no trouble at all really! Focus on life that's more important than anything especially with what's going on around the world. But I appreciate that you got back to me regardless. xP Anyways, so what are some anime you currently into? Or watching that is?

永遠のルナ一 @eternallunar1 oops I meant you are currently into?
[DERP] Charles @redhawk left a comment for seruru
Oct 09, 20 at 8:26pm

Hope you've been holding up well ^^

Oct 09, 20 at 8:18pm

I never realize how hard using this site on mobile is compared to desktop since I havent actually logged in on desktop in ages.

Sep 08, 20 at 11:34pm

Hi! Your posts resonated with me a little. Do you cosplay when you role play or do you just like to act? I was a theater kid in my youth...

Aug 14, 20 at 8:35pm

I haven't been on in like a good while and I'm already struggling with basic site functions trying to liven this up or just using this in general. It's also weird seeing how all my posts have been 99% depression or social anxiety related, it ironically became my venting circle lol

永遠のルナ一 @eternallunar1 You gotta vent somewhere. Social Anxiety is tough to deal with since I struggle with it myself too. Anyways, I don't know you Seruru since we've never exchanged words or anything, but I hope you've been hanging in there.
Jun 24, 20 at 5:22am

Wow I can't sleep, having a horrible quasi mid life crisis, every online roleplay or fun site for me is mostly icing me out like the plague for no reason. And remembering how having my very last in person friend that I cared for over 10 years suddenly dumping me cause *racists slurs* like me are problematic . Well happy birthday to me ;-;

donkeykon3 @donkeykon3 Sorry to hear life can be hell but hope it gets better for you
jakethehuman @jakethehuman left a comment for seruru
Jun 23, 20 at 2:37am

Hi you’re my only match in my state lol. Wazzz up?


Hello uwu

Kei @keien left a comment for seruru
Feb 09, 20 at 3:10pm

I also have problems with the mobile side of things for this website, people here are nice and help you out :D

sasage @sasage left a comment for seruru
Jan 29, 20 at 7:59pm

well it sounds like your in a better place and i hope you are. just keep pushing on and working on finding what helps you be the person you want to be. did everything work itself out?