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darkiesombra left a comment for sasa
Oct 09, 19 at 9:56am

Cute filter. Btw, I added you on Discord. I am Satania.

Rolf left a comment for sasa
Oct 09, 19 at 7:57am

I like your profile pic, its pretty cute. Welcome to the site btw

[DERP] cookeh <3 uhuhuhhh~ panda is getting girls huh ;)))) i will tell her good things about u dont worry
Rolf ???
[DERP] cookeh <3 I WAS KIDDINGGGG lmao it was a jokeeee
Oct 09, 19 at 12:53am

Feel free to add my discord .. Maiotaku messaging can be really laggy;;;
bruno luver#1111

NicksDraws left a comment for sasa
Oct 08, 19 at 6:39pm

Hello how's it going

正義の味方 left a comment for sasa
Oct 08, 19 at 7:38am

Welcome to the site! :0 I've always liked how PC98 games looked myself but the only one I've ever got to play was YU-NO. I should look into emulating more of these games at some point because they look amazing

sasa Hi! Thank you!! I think PC98 games can be very fun even if you can't speak Japanese. The graphics are amazing! I've heard so much about YU-NO but never played it. I should probably look into emulating it later today (b ᵔ▽ᵔ)b
正義の味方 YU-NO is honestly amazing though it requires a lot of trial and error because of how the story is progressed. I personally had to use a flowchart because there's so many dead ends that you HAVE to reach to get a specific item to continue down the proper path of each route :u
正義の味方 I sent a friend request by the way if that's alright?
sasa I think that's what's been keeping me from playing the game LOL but the artwork seems amazing so I definitely should give it a go! And of course (≧◡≦)
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