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28 year old Female
Last online 6 days ago
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Dan @tokyodecadence left a comment for rainbowgear
Feb 18, 21 at 9:09pm

hey i see you on the front page all the time so just saying hi

DonChalant @donchalant left a comment for rainbowgear
Jan 17, 21 at 12:30pm

If you like psychological stuff you should try out ID:INVADED.


Hey looks like we have more then a few shows in common. Do you prefer anime or manga? Also a j-rpg nut myself


Same! But the Land of Waves one is good as well. Shippuden's best part was the Pain(Pein) section imo.


Hey what's going on? Apparently we have Naruto in common for anime lol. Favorite arc and characters?

DEADMEME @enby_lotus left a comment for rainbowgear
Sep 11, 20 at 11:18am

any thoughts on "Signs of Love" or why it's the best track from P4?

Trevon @evergrace left a comment for rainbowgear
Sep 05, 20 at 6:02pm

Hello there, nice to meet you! My name's Trevon, and I saw that you and I have fairly similar interests when it comes to anime and gaming, and on top of that we're pretty close location wise.

I love playing jrpgs and the like. I love persona, death end re;quest, Suikoden, Tales of series, The Legend of Heroes, etc. I am currently playing Strange Journey, which is a part of the Shin Megami Tensei series. Also absolutely adore horror anime such as Corpse Party and Umineko, and Higurashi. Also sometimes I read visual novels like Katawa Shoujo and Saya no Uta.

Maybe we could chat sometime if you're interested? Have a great day! :D

LilyYazawa @lilyyazawa left a comment for rainbowgear
Aug 19, 20 at 6:27am

Hi there. Noticed you were the same age as me and we shared ZombieLand Saga as a mutual anime so decided why not? Nice to meet you and whenever you get some free time, maybe we could chat a little. Take your time and have a good day.

Aug 18, 20 at 5:40pm

Hello saw you're JRPG nut that loves the Persona series? I can definitely relate Are there any other anime/games you were really into?

Jul 16, 20 at 5:46pm

Bro Legend Of Dragoon or die.