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United Kingdom
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Nobody @muffster YOU ALIVE?
Jul 13, 17 at 3:37pm

Mayaaaaaa lol whats up? Oh wow that sucks, what did you do the whole time you were there then? My life is ok just busy dying XD and passing the time while doing it. I leave for texas in the next month and after that you guys qont hear from me for a long time TwT


Hi Miss Maydragon! ^^ Hope you're well ^^ Nice to see another United Kingdom based person on here (^.^) please check out my profile and look forward to talk about all things anime with you and all the other AnimeXManiacs here <3 Thanks Gav, London UK <3

Maydragon @maydragon Greetings and nice to meet you!
Jun 03, 17 at 11:58pm

Well thats better than me XD idk anything at all
I slept on the floor for like 2 days but everyone is leaving tonight except my stepdad's mom who stays for a month and like he probs will steal my room for himself and i get to enjoy the floor for a month ;-;
He doesnt get that and has been stressing but now look. His mom didnt complain...guests didnt complain (besides the house feeling like they are in Antarctica cuz of the AC) and everything went good
Sounds like a couple anime i watched it was one with like 30 characters and only 12 ep and they start dying and im like why do i care?

Oh well im gonna hope you are able to pass your brother. Ik how it feels to be like the one getting left behind

May 30, 17 at 4:29pm

Oh i didnt know that XD you know german?
Luckily no floor for me so far lmao but im just counting the days until it happens orz and my stepdad is so insistent on impressing guests they do a bunch of things and its like why cant we get nice things like that?
Ohhhh its for school well no wonder it was boring.
Yeah we both need the luck.
I have faith in your bro if i have faith that I CAN make it in there he should def be ok

May 29, 17 at 4:17pm

Lol does it really? (Asking cuz now im a little lost) but yeah some of them arrived now i gotta give up my bed and sleep on the nice hard floor gotta love when family comes over. Why not get a more INTERESTING book? That might solve your problem tbh. Haha returning that same luck you sent to me XD sounds like you might need it more than i do...oh your brother is going into the army? I wish him luck as well

May 26, 17 at 1:10pm

Just being honest i still couldnt translate it jk jk but thanks for wishing me fun hopefully the experience inst half as bad as i know it will be lol what have you been up to lately?


When life's killing you but you still tryna be positive.

azumakazuma @azumakazuma Good thing you have an immortal will~
Maydragon @maydragon I know right??? Life might be rough but at least universe loves me~
May 26, 17 at 9:32am

Me im doing well besides trying to decipher your last message XD but seriously im just getting ready cuz i have alot of family coming to visit over the next week

azumakazuma @azumakazuma left a comment for Maydragon
May 26, 17 at 12:50am