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24 year old Male
Likes: Females
Last online about 4 hours ago
Atlanta, GA
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jojisbish left a comment for Popealope
Feb 10, 19 at 12:27am

Hahah you're so funny! :) For sure we can be friends, b0ss
- Weeaboo Jones x

Popealope Hahah stick with me kid and we can become weeaboo trash together the highest tier only known to some
blazesmith left a comment for Popealope
Feb 07, 19 at 5:11pm

I'm a pretty straight forward chick so if I'm not really interested I just straight up say it. I'm glad you didn't get all offended on me
and make assumptions I hate when people do that.
Look I brought you a mouse. It's for our friendship. Lol.

Popealope Lol naw I wouldn't get offended but oh boy a mouse how did you know I love the flesh of adorably small creatures I'm actually I shall consume his misely life his body shall become one with mine I mean I will love him forever come here my little Jobo type:3 to our friendship
Popealope I hate when I try to type something but doesn't go my way alcohol is bad
blazesmith left a comment for Popealope
Feb 07, 19 at 2:09pm

I won't be at the conference on the 8th, sorry.... I have stuff to do and not enough money right now. Also I'm not sure your really my type. Sorry, but if you were interested in being friends...

Popealope No worries thank you for getting back to me and being honest I appreciate it and sure having a female friend would be cool aswell I have mostly guy friends so I would welcome that
snowbunbun left a comment for Popealope
Jan 09, 19 at 3:38am

Thats ok, nice to meet you! c:

kcjam left a comment for Popealope
Dec 15, 18 at 2:51am

thanks,in what fandom are you? also bias? :)

Popealope I'm just a fan of Kpop I don't know anything about the fandoms but after a quick search I think I'd fall under Girls' Generation SONE fandom I just can't get enough of sunny she so cutr and I love here voice plus SNSD was the first Kpop I ever heard if I had to choose a second fandom I'd go with Bigbang VIP I love all of them even individually they great only guy I know nothing of is Seungri
Popealope I'm not bias if I like it I could become a fan my Kpop playlist is pretty old though so I'm not to familiar with bts and twice think I heard yes or yes like 2 times still haven't formed a opinion on them yet
Popealope also 2pm Hottest fandom i wouldn't mind being a part of i use to listen to Heartbeat, Without U, Hands up and the song Again & Again was super freaking hot
Popealope what fandom are you with?
jabbergiggles left a comment for Popealope
Dec 05, 18 at 10:44pm


Popealope Hello there *waves*
midorijin left a comment for Popealope
Nov 05, 18 at 12:51am

Hi hi!

Popealope Hiya!
RedSkittles left a comment for Popealope
Sep 15, 18 at 11:13am

Lol, I get it. I haven't found much time for anime either this past year so I'm way behind. I haven't even finished Naruto yet. I just kept putting off. I've been more into League of Legends/Fortnite (kinda?) and stuff like that. It's nice to meet you though!

Popealope Nice to meet you as well Naruto is a all time favorite of mine so hang in there the feels are worth it in the end T_T after try Boruto I know it's kinda poopy rght now but from reading the manga I think it could get really interesting later
RedSkittles I know what happens because I've read about it lol. Just haven't watched or read it myself.
Dragon Ball Girl left a comment for Popealope
Jun 25, 18 at 2:24pm

Hello super Saiyan Lovemyweird!^^

Ed~ left a comment for Popealope
Jun 24, 18 at 12:42am
This account has been suspended.
Popealope You had me at bonus meme lol i am most definitely new to this site so nice to make your acquaintance I've never played Umineko to answer your question but it looks cool
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