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Leanna ^^

25 year old Female
Last online about 1 year ago
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wolfneko @wolfneko left a comment for Leanna ^^
Mar 16, 20 at 8:40pm

Hey There Leanna (Lee-Anna) =P
Welcome to the site, I hope things are going well for you, I would love to get to talk to you, feel free to add and message me sometime if you want, and if not I wish you a good day and hope things go well for you regardless ^.^


how are you holding up in the apocalypse

Mar 06, 20 at 10:06pm

Hey Lea-Anna! My name is Gabriel and I noticed your profile said you were a fellow Virginian...unless I am reading it wrong and VA stands for Voice Actor? Regardless I wanted to introduce myself to you since I am trying to meet more people closer to where I actually live haha!

Argile @chefargile left a comment for Leanna ^^
Feb 13, 20 at 11:59am
This account has been suspended.
nefer916 @nefer916 left a comment for Leanna ^^
Feb 09, 20 at 12:24am

Hello! Welcome to the app. Hopefully we can be friends and talk about anime and stuff.

正義の味方 @gundamu left a comment for Leanna ^^
Feb 06, 20 at 12:52pm

Another person from VA, welcome to the site! :0