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Reborn in a new light. ,
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Nov 08, 19 at 6:42am

I just noticed that Cynthia has deactivated her account some point before this, gotta say that's beautiful XD

So after all I posted and did months ago to expose her she still remains silent on the matter not even trying to give a reason for devasting my heart and psyche even now.

The real reason I'm back right now is to post the link to her pics again since they are no longer clickable on her profile at this point, with that I say good day and enjoy!At_tVyJ5ixAljCVf2dWzNULDAwxc

[DERP] Charles left a comment for James_Gone
Sep 18, 19 at 4:05pm

Hey man

Sep 18, 19 at 11:30am

Well yesterday was my birthday I'm officially 19 now ^-^

I'm making this post to inform my 2 closest friends on here that I will never return to this misery of a dating site.

I initially waited for "Mitsuha‚ô°" to message me back after she just disappeared and left me a cryptic message back on the 29th of May saying she won't forget me. After 3 months I refuse to wait any longer. We always talked about meeting in person this's apparent she lied to me at this point and I've just been a fool.

I now have someone else who is better than her selfish, unresponsive, manipulative, pathetic waste of life self.

Let it be known I stayed loyal to her until the very end where she deserted me even though she promised she wouldn't. Btw I even missed my prom because I didn't feel comfortable being around other women if it wasn't her. I gave and sacrificed so much for her and this is how she treats me.

What's done is done and this is my last message on here, bye everyone ^w^

For more pics and info visit her profile and click the link ok :3

[DERP] Charles Wait, you too?
Aug 26, 19 at 9:35am

It's officially been 3 months...

Aug 22, 19 at 1:42pm

2 variations of my op team

Aug 22, 19 at 1:36pm

Currently number 1 in the world for strikes in Tokyo Ghoul Re: Birth

Aug 09, 19 at 7:13am

How I've been feeling since the 29th of May *sighs disapointed*

Why!? left a comment for James_Gone
Jul 29, 19 at 6:37am

Nice art!

Jul 18, 19 at 6:12am

My college orientation is tomorrow!!!!

My official road to being a professional voice actor will be put into motion soon, you can believe me when I say I'll never give up on it.