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zeryd @zeryd left a comment for J
Apr 23, 21 at 4:28pm

Can u add me to the line group? Id: zeryd

Panda-kun™ @hell_hound7 left a comment for J
Apr 06, 20 at 9:10am

True lol if you can learn a whole different language in there XD i will look into it when im back at my home station and have free time. They are moving me back to 12 hour shifts which sucks but its whatever. 12 hours standing outside guarding in about 140° weather. If im lucky i get the post where you arent in direct sunlight all day.

Jobs like that is the reason why i think piloting is cool. You are actually doing something big, needless to say my job out here is just as important. But how many people can say they are a fighter pilot lol. I heard that commissioning is very competitive. As grewt as a navy pilot sounds being trapped in a never ending sausage fest for half a year isnt appealing to me lmfao.

Panda-kun™ @hell_hound7 left a comment for J
Apr 05, 20 at 9:38pm

Really JKO has language courses? I havent actually checked around XD usually when they tell you to go on JKO its for training which we all know no one wants to do.

I feel you man this is the career for me, well maybe not my favorite career lol but i love the military and wouldnt give it up for anything. Even if sometimes it makes me wanna rip my hair out when they do certain things. I would love to be a fighter jet pilot. Seeing those bastards rip across the sky super low to the ground just to piss people off. Seems like fun. But the amount of shit you gotta go through idk if its worth it tbh.

Panda-kun™ @hell_hound7 left a comment for J
Apr 04, 20 at 9:27pm

I do know that attack on the general was due to a previous attack on american forces. So it wasnt like we blew that general up for no reason BUUUT still an assassination on a general seems extreme. That attack on the base in iraq afterwards was mainly to say "dont fuck with us" im assuming their country was in an uproar and they didnt want it to seem like they were afraid (even though we both know they couldn't go to war with US). There is alot more i wish i could say on the matter but yeah OPSEC. It was just scary thinking we could get hit by missles at any moment.
Yikes, breaking your legs on a jump. Isnt that career ending? I know how much the military dislikes using "broken" soldiers. If you arent deployable then you essentially are useless. Its crazy.

Panda-kun™ @hell_hound7 left a comment for J
Apr 02, 20 at 8:52pm

No not pope, thankfully. I visited it once before because i was leading a program that involves the medical staff over at Ft Bragg. The air force barely even have their own space over there. Im in good old Seymour johnson. You guys deploy for 9 months right? Good luck my guy. I was here for the whole iran stuff and we had the looming threat of a missle attack so that was stressful af. Because everyone would probably die. Some bases had it worse i guess cuz they were getting bombed like everyday. Im surprised you didnt ship out during the whole iran situation on the news i saw they were sending dozens of troops.

Panda-kun™ @hell_hound7 left a comment for J
Apr 02, 20 at 3:52am

Ayyyy im stationed in NC too, where are you? FT Bragg? We should hang out sometime, you know whenever i get out of this damn place XD i dont re-enlist for another 3 years. I signed for 6. I plan on the full 20, but we will see how it goes orz. The way it works for me is 2 years TOS and im eligible for PCS then im sorta at the mercy of whoever picks people for orders. Im hoping for a short tour so i can get a follow on base after. You army guys move as an entire battalion so our ways of operation are probably foreign to you.

Panda-kun™ @hell_hound7 But yeah close to the end of pur enlistment they incentivize us to stay by letting us pick a preferred base. Just i have been told it usually doesnt work and short tours are the wya to go.
Panda-kun™ @hell_hound7 left a comment for J
Apr 01, 20 at 8:29am

Dont you guys have cool Forts somewhere? You gotta have at least one. Im totally trying to go to japan at least once. Im raked in some decent money on the deployment. But im trying to get out of dodge before iran starts up with their shenanigans again.

Panda-kun™ @hell_hound7 left a comment for J
Mar 31, 20 at 8:57am

Rip who knows, im hoping this travel ban doesn't get extended. If they extend again imma break 300 days and get orders ya boi wants japan.

Gone @tyler_disconnect left a comment for J
Nov 14, 19 at 7:40am

yo jay wassup you should read your messages bro

seijikun @seijikun left a comment for J
Nov 07, 19 at 8:32pm

Hello can i join your line group chat