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May 15, 19 at 6:19pm

Felt like saying this, I think this place is pretty toxic and draining for my mental health at least it really can be and easily addicting as well. So I think it's best for me to not bother with it as much as I can, I don't think anyone will bother to come and check this profile ^^. Which is fine because I wanted to be alone and unadded everyone but I just, think online is not for me, the idea that you can see someone is online and it's someone you don't see/talk to on a regular everyday basis to me just BLOWS MY MIND! I'm used to that and that kind of friendship is real to me, not the shitty, stalking one or the one where you "talk to someone when you feel like it". It's not just this, it is all online communities and online "friends", i've deleted my discord, I don't bother to reach out to people anymore and I think it's fine that they don't either. Thanks for the memories and while I will try to be away from here, I might drop by here and there but I really don't want to talk to people anymore. Respectfully, don't bother me and if you do read this, thank you but don't reply either. Life is a lot more fun spending it with people you can consider close and as actual friends, I don't enjoy being spoiled by online communities and in fact I hate it to the point that I want to be a loner and have adapted that lifestyle. I think that's all I wanted to say, goodbye

rayelight left a comment for Baka-oni-chan!
May 11, 19 at 8:24pm

Thanks! ^^ Getting a year older wasn't so bad. XD

May 11, 19 at 7:38pm

Banana bread beer is not bad, I can stand to drink it at least.

Baka-oni-chan! Surprisingly the banana or the bread taste helps take away the nasty beer after taste. I mean it's still there but not as much
May 11, 19 at 7:46am

overlordchaotic left a comment for Baka-oni-chan!
May 10, 19 at 10:42pm


May 10, 19 at 10:39pm

This made me feel so many types of ways... from seeing how having a child and being a parent can be so heart warming and how important it is for both parents to be involved in your life...

overlordchaotic left a comment for Baka-oni-chan!
May 10, 19 at 10:35pm

Nice Jeremiah Gottwald avatar.

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