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25 year old Male
Last online about 7 hours ago
Sadboi dimension, FL
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Yeah, it's me. I don't really come here anymore, since my life got really busy, and I can't afford to get too distracted (it's easy to procrastinate and spend hours here lol). But I do briefly check things out like this every now and then, just to see how everyone's doing. On a side note, when did you get promoted from omnipresent site mascot to a mod? xD So many things have changed, I really have been gone for ages.
I'm very late to the party. But....congratulations in your catch regardless. I always knew you'd do it, and find the happiness that you deserve. Good luck to both of you. And....treasure each other more than anything, because you're the best thing that you have.
Bonito Negrito ❤️
Doomer talk here but i think the US is kinda done. With the power of one administrative term under Biden the US dollar is becoming obsolete. But alot of stuff went into this. The push for taking Russia off swift banking system, the Saudis no longer using the us dollar. Alot of other countries basically no longer having things backed by the dollar. The only way i can see the dollar coming back is by being backed by gold again like it used to be. We instead made it petrol backed but Saudi and russia probably the 2 most notable oil distribution countries dont give a shit about the us dollar. Another fix to this is finally pushing for natural resources to be mined from Alaska. But with Russia basically testing the waters around this specific state and its airspace idk if this may be some place we can see a battleground over. https://youtu.be/-CkVPadz3mE