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36 year old Female
Last online about 9 hours ago
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That desktop was quite amazing back then!(^-^)


Sailormoon on a Sharp X68000 desktop?

fleetingspirit @fleetingspirit left a comment for heatherlyn
fleetingspirit @fleetingspirit
Sep 20, 20 at 10:27am

Heya! I see you're a Zelda fan like me xD. Plus Gemini! I'm an Aquarius xP. Do you write any fanfics nowadays?

Sep 04, 20 at 10:03pm

Wow I can honestly say you're the first person I've met that knows what Ar Tonelico is. You have great taste in games but aww your poor PS2 you have my sympathies. Have you been playing or watching anything more recently?

Aug 27, 20 at 9:54am

Great picks. Then again I'm biased towards pretty much your whole list. haha The Ps3-ps2 era of Atelier are so fun its a shame I don't see them brought up much. Need to get on to Ayesha my console died around when it came out.

Aug 18, 20 at 7:49pm

Hello nice to meet you. I see you're a fan of a lot of good game series. You're actually the 1st I've seen mention the Atelier series. Do you have a particular favorite?

Skiedragon @skiedragon left a comment for heatherlyn
May 22, 20 at 3:01pm

im just going to say this heather, as Sailor Moon is your profile page- original over crystal


The more I hear about Antrum I wanna watch it then I just wuss out lol

zmr81 @zmr81 left a comment for heatherlyn
Apr 29, 20 at 11:40pm

Hello, nice to meet you.

RexButts @rexbutts left a comment for heatherlyn
Apr 08, 20 at 6:29am