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Last online about 1 month ago
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yoko☆ @myceliumage left a comment for heatherlyn
Aug 26, 22 at 11:00am
Yo, nice to meet you :p
Jul 28, 22 at 11:47am
I don't think what I posted went through right. Not sure. When you can spend time on a game for hours that's good. I adore being able to replay a game and still feel excited. You know the plot but there are feels. And Akira was super feely. I have not seen it in so long. Was an odd show but that's back in the era where violence was intense. Fist of The North Star, Gayvur. I rewatched both awhile back.
Oh and i forgot to mention zelda minish cap for GBA ^-^ my all time favirote since it was my first and i was on it for hours I still adore it to this day. I remember being whimped out with titles like Akira when I was very young till I slowly got more into it and opening more to the plot of what was going on lol some stuff we change on I guess
I haven't played Link Between Worlds before. I've looked into the timeline of Zelda before. If I recall I think there are three. I have played some of the others like Majora's Mask and Ocarina of Time. Goodness that series got dark. As for being freaked out by Elfin, I was surprised when it got gruesome as it did. I remember bits from the manga. One of the more shocking moments for me was when the girl with those 20 some odd Vectors survived a missile, if I'm remembering right.
Jul 26, 22 at 4:10am
Hello. I'm new here. Not good with this whole greeting thing. I'm pretty shy with those types of things, like ice breaking. Your profile says your shy too x3 I saw you like a few anime I've seen, feel so long since i last saw Elfin Lied. As for Zelda, I adored a Link to The Past, and I remember original two Zelda on the NES. They were a nightmare to play XD
Howday there. Read your profile and see you like a lot of the same games as me. What's your favorite Zelda game? :3
I'm another year older today woohoo https://youtu.be/F3Q9sFsa8cQ
vanfanel2022 @vanfanel2022 Happy Belated Birthday!
acebandage @acebandage left a comment for heatherlyn
Jun 03, 22 at 10:14am
Hello Heatherlyn, stress is bad. I'm willing to listen if you want to vent.
mrmanga123 @mrmanga123 left a comment for heatherlyn
May 07, 22 at 1:53pm
Hi, nice to meet you.
I either been absent from this place to having to break away for a temporary while, had alot of stress going on with my personal life with alot of changes going on and I apologize if I had anyone worrying what's been up