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Last online about 1 month ago
Breda, Netherlands
I mostly like playing JRPG's and Rhythm games. My favorite game series are "Tales of", "Kingdom Hearts", "Persona", "Final Fantasy"(at least the older ones :P), "Bravely".

For competitive games I like "Smash Bros" and "Mario Kart".

I also like the movies and tv series of Marvel and DC Comics.

For animes I like the ones which have an unique story or the ones that are not repetitive after a while.

I'm not an alcohol drinker and not a smoker.
My daytime job is Serious Game Programmer, but I also make less serious games in my free time ;)

I hope I can find new friends and a girlfriend here (preferably in the Netherlands)

Feel free to add me if you want to chat ;)
Oct 17-19
Mar 26-27