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Laplace's Demon

Last online 1 day ago
Los Angelees, CA
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Akane 茜 left a comment for Laplace's Demon
Akane 茜
Dec 08, 16 at 1:23am

I like your new user name, Laplace's Demon! :D
but here's a rival for you ¬◡¬ -->

Dec 07, 16 at 2:00pm

I'm so flattered that people still want to be my friend even though I'm not that active these days.

I'll get back to you all...eventually!

Sep 19, 16 at 5:27am

I'm not too bad thanks. How have you been? ^_^

MrPanduhhh left a comment for Laplace's Demon
Sep 16, 16 at 10:34pm

ahh I see. Yeah I defintely let you know how it is if I go. I saw Porter at Hard Summer this year but the production value of the event didn't make it worth it. I like Knife Party and Nero too? I love Porters remix of The Thrill it gives me the feels. What Knife Party and Nero are playing B2B?!?!

MrPanduhhh left a comment for Laplace's Demon
Sep 16, 16 at 5:24pm

YEEAAHHH!!! I did but I honestly don't like the assigned seating and how most of the shows are weekdays xD. Going to try my best to go though :D. You planning on seeing them?

♡Nimi♡ left a comment for Laplace's Demon
Sep 15, 16 at 3:51pm

uh i dont want to get line tho really..

Jun 27, 16 at 1:08am

Why thank you ^_^ hope you are well and not too stressed out.

Jun 26, 16 at 3:59pm

Hi there handsome ^_^

drmario left a comment for Laplace's Demon
Jun 25, 16 at 8:45pm

I know what you're trying to say, but school has turned me into a pompous know-it-all. Uptodate is the absolute best thing in world.

drmario left a comment for Laplace's Demon
Jun 22, 16 at 11:06pm

I didn't mean that there aren't off-label meds without substantial supporting evidence. Only that just because a medication is used there isn't necessarily evidence. There are plenty of medications that are used without evidence, but they shouldn't be the first choice. I'm not saying that all off-label meds don't have evidence. I'm well aware about what it takes to get FDA approval. That's a completely different story than gathering supporting evidence on the basis of clinical trials.

It's not about whether there are only some studies that contradict each other. It's about the consensus of the overall evidence. The current consensus is that there isn't enough evidence because there isn't enough clinical data to support it. And like I said that could change in the future.

There's no point in saying "especially considering that the patient has been dealing with PTSD after 9 years." She clearly stated that she wasn't taking any meds. Therefore, you start with 1st line treatment. And choices may depend on a whole lot of other factors. If you want to tell someone to consider an option they may not have known about, that's different than telling them to ask for that medication. And I know it's a semantic point, but you'd understand why I'm so adamant about it if you were seeing numerous patients demanding things from lab tests or antibiotics, etc. because someone told them to or they read it on the internet.

You're obviously an intelligent person, and I enjoy debating things. But, at this point in time, psychiatrists do not regularly use beta blockers to treat PTSD. The most well-respected compilation of evidence based medicine, written and reviewed by experts, doesn't even list Beta blockers as an option as of May 2016. There is always something behind the curtains, and that's you have with beta blockers and ptsd. It's just not good clinical practice to use medications without supporting evidence before medications that have the evidence.

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