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25 year old Female
Last online 3 days ago
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Looking for new friends. Hit me up?

Neverland @dakoya left a comment for chibialexa
Jan 28, 19 at 11:42pm

Oh, I just looked her up. She seems like quite an interesting person. The first person to get a 10.0 in the olympics and 5x gold medal olympian. That's quite the honors she has. Well, I'm kind of curious about the ethnic groups in Romania. I'm Hmong (a type of Asian), so I'm kind of curious if there are many other ethnicities in Romania or if you guys have your own specific ethnic group only found in Romania. Plus I'm kind of curious to whether you guys have much natural parks or the like? I feel like Romania should have a lot of cool historic sites.

Neverland @dakoya left a comment for chibialexa
Jan 26, 19 at 10:19pm

Yo, how's life in Romania? I don't know much about the culture or people there. I only know that supposedly Dracula existed there once. That seems kind of cool.