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Last online about 2 years ago
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Jul 22, 20 at 2:12am
Hey there, how's it going?
the4th @the4th left a comment for Cerealia
Jul 09, 20 at 10:07am
The rivers will run red like the fires of ancient babylon
just_will @just_will left a comment for Cerealia
Jul 08, 20 at 12:57pm
This is a pic of me getting ready to play SFV with my fav character, Chun li :), I haven't played the new season but would love to link up and play again.
milkycows @milkycow left a comment for Cerealia
Jul 03, 20 at 10:53am
Hey, I recently moved to MD from the west coast area and was wondering if you had some recommendations on places to check out here considering that you're from MD :) Aside from anime cons of course lol
foo_fighter @foo_fighter left a comment for Cerealia
Jun 20, 20 at 10:53am
thanks for the kind words on my thread
sapphire20 @sapphire20 left a comment for Cerealia
Jun 19, 20 at 11:46pm
Great Chun Li cosplay, definitely gives off the put up your dukes feeling :]
Jun 19, 20 at 6:07am
I just discovered the glory of this, and similar sites. I created this account in haste, you're the first weirdo I've said hello to here. I hope you're ready for the solar eclipse that starts tonight (11:47 houston time zone). 5 retrograde planets with 3 major conjunctions, which aspect eachother, during a solar eclipse...Epic. As excited as I am for the ritual I'm going to do, I still couldn't resist looking at these anime social networks for the first time...its like the stars have aligned and beamed an ultimate treasure into my life! :) I'm in a rush atm though, lots to do... You like dad jokes? The first line I thought up as a renaissance faire worker (since I was a pirate) was this one: How can you tell when a pirate dog is happy? He scallywags his tail!
the4th @the4th left a comment for Cerealia
Jun 08, 20 at 1:16pm
Whatever you lose, you’ll find it again, but what you throw away you’ll never get it back
How long since you've cosplayed chun-li and what significance does she have with you?
alexey2525 @alexey2525 left a comment for Cerealia
May 18, 20 at 5:53pm
hello , can we talk :)
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