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can we talk i want friends


Also thank you for replying and givi g me the info


His name is Will Tennyson and he has the ideal body type in my opinion it's a dream goal to even look as good as him. Also I'm 6ft 1 so I'm guessing me and him are somewhat close in length? I'm pretty obese currently though he has a lot of tips like adding small steps like walking during lunch break to get more exercise in.


I'm only saying this because you're young and seemingly struggling.

Once you're faced with criticism and important challenges you can truthfully know which people are your friends, whom are bypassers and whom are looking to gain something out of it.

A true friend will try to understand, then, will assess the situation and think "what's the better result for this person?" Someone who replaced "this person" aka, you, with themselves, it's selfish and wont really put you into first place unless some extreme things happen

Hardships test the actual value of your bonds, if you realize they are strong, cherish them, if you realize they are weak, either fix them or cut them down, if you're a pushover and your friends are also pushovers it will become a circle jerk of immaturity, yes?

I'm not saying this for the sake of annoying you, or anyone else, I'm just sharing you a lesson you'll eventually learn by yourself if we, the actual adults, choose to ignore you and let you struggle.

[DERP]SolidSnake95[OINK] @solid_snake95 Umm I just want to add I am not mad at you also so do not think I am a bypasser or something please.
Shoniya ( ͡°ᴥ ͡° ʋ) @swadian This isn't directed at anyone in particular, hahaha, I just felt I needed to tell her this ASAP, just one of those feelings.
[DERP]SolidSnake95[OINK] @solid_snake95 I know and I was talking to her. She is thinking I am mad at her and cold.