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Last online 4 days ago
Toronto, Canada
I'm pleased to announce that as
My third cosplay. This is the e
The stand of my Sailor Jupiter
Apparently, even a bunch of ove
Stormtroopers require the aid o
Autograph of professional voice
Me facing off against Sub-Zero
Me meeting a cocky Sub-Zero
Me challenging Lord Rayden to a
That moment when I take a break
My second ever cosplay. It is S
Me meeting Han Solo at FanExpo
Me meeting Princess Kitana at F
Galactic Empire and United Fede
Me meeting Miku Hatsune at FanE
Me meeting Fox McCloud at Anime
Me meeting Kyoko Sakura at Anim
Me Meeting Sailor Venus at Anim
Me chilling with Master Shredde
Me meeting some ninjas at Anime
That moment when I take a break
That moment when I take a break
Me finding Madoka while searchi
Me finding Ahsoka Tano at a con
My first cosplay experience
Autograph of Sailor Jupiter's v