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19 year old Female
Likes: Males
Last online about 5 hours ago
Roswell, GA
School (depends if its a break or not) from 8:20AM - 2:28PM Roswell, GA, America time. I also have Robotics so... Yeah I'm busy.
Hopefully college next year.
I work as a sitter for pets and kids right now and recently I have been reviving dying plants for owners who don't understand why their cute little plants are dying. I recently plant doctored a cactus suffering from over watering and forget me not seedlings not getting enough water.
Pike's Employee. :3

I want to be a writer and to work a job in Environmental Horticulture. I have such a vivid imagination and such a deep love of plants.

My zodiacs are the following: Saggitarious (Western Zodiac), Rabbit (Chinese), Deer (Native American: Southern Hemisphere), Owl (Native American: Northern Hemisphere).

I must warn you that I have a history of depression. I've been to a mental hospital for multiple suicide attempts and been prescribed every antidepressant out there and none of it worked. Anime and music are my safe havens so please if you don't like my preferences or me just leave me alone. Also in the case, you do like me but think I am bothered by you ask instead of making assumptions because they make an ass out of you and me and if you do leave I'll probably be more hurt than you staying.

Typically my dating age range is 18-25, but I have been with a 27 year old. I like men, not women, sorry chicks...

Well, I'm an otaku like most people here, but I like everyone else am different, I'm an 19-year-old girl whos into anime and Japan. For music I like Vocaloid.

Stuff we might not share:
T.V. Shows: Walking Dead, Riverdale, Vampire Diaries. As you can see they all have a common theme of Death and destruction...
Music: K-Pop, Metal, Screamo, Rock.

Video games:
Xbox: Skyrim (In love with, play almost 24/7), Fable 2 and 3, Halo (only when playing with others), a few I don't remember rn.
PC (shared, but can use a lot): WOW (World of Warcraft), LOL (League of Legends), a few others I don't remember rn.
GameCube (Currently confused as to what happened to mine): Resident Evil, Zelda, Harry Potter. (Make fun of me all you want for wanting another. I'm typically a habitual creature.)
Interested in: A Nintendo Switch seems cool, I'm a bit interested in the My Hero Academia game.