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♡ Rat Mama ♡

18 year old Female
Likes: No Preferences
Liverpool, United Kingdom
My name is Amy! (You can call me whatever you like, though!) ^-^

Apparently I have a ISFP personality so... choke on that!~
UPDATE: It's changed! Every time I take the test now, I get the INTJ personality. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I guess it’s time to switch up my bio huh? So! I like to spend time with new people, if you want to talk please message me! If I don’t respond it’s usually for a reason (mostly irl trash) but I’ll try my best! Discord is the best bet for a faster reply since I HATE and DESPISE the messaging system here!

I’m trying to get more social here, please notice me senpais! I like a ton of things, mostly rats and my PS4! My add is LeiaHime if you want to add me, I like playing games like Rainbow Six Siege (even if I’m kinda awful) and Dead by Daylight! I also have GTA V and Fortnite c:

After a little bit of effort, I've come to the realisation that I'm both demisexual and pansexual. They're fairly similar but very different. ^-^

Honestly, I rarely watch anime anymore but I really like the layout of this site so hey! I do watch an episode every now and then, I tend to gravitate towards romantic comedy with dark themes! I recently got a new bed, it’s huge and there’s no way in this world I’m leaving it for you. Seriously. I’m more than happy to call you as well if you’d rather talk with voice so long as I know you somewhat well! :3

I used to be very sensitive but I think I got over that. I’m not really looking for a relationship right now but hey, if those feelings come then I’m more than happy to explore them!

I make up my own words veeery often. I’ll probably nickname you something right off the bat. I’m really pale, literally like a vampire. I’m kiiinda short. I can be the pettiest bitch you’ve ever met but usually I won’t act on it! I definitely tend to hold grudges. I’m deathly afraid of spiders. I will burn down my house rather than let that spider defile my ceiling. I’m a super perv and will laugh at anything that’s inappropriate. And in closing I’m damn fabulous, baby.~

I have a tumblr if you wanna check it out!
My discord is スモールビーン#7541 and the name means small bean! (My little sister named it, shoo.) c: