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Akaza Akari

23 year old Female
Likes: Females
Last online about 12 hours ago
Bonn, Germany
Hey! Hey! i am Akari and I'm kinda dense so...

don't forget that you're the one who wants to know sth about me (* ^ ω ^)
I'm gay like very gay... like right now . I prefer girls more than guys OwO

i'm here to steal hearts and to break them (I mean only the guys not the girls :3)

so I wanna it to be chill for the both of us and please don't start with pick up lines cause I wanna be the one to do the pick ups

I really love Love lab and Yuru yuri, the comedy in there is the right amount

I love to talk so just talk to me and don't just read this profile and then just leave

I'm still in University and I love memes and Kaomojis so show me some and talk to me

nice to meet you all, be friendly and have fun