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Otaku Speed Dating

MaiOtaku has recently designed an excitingly well-planned speed dating event for anime fans at anime conventions. We hope to bring this to conventions near you, and help share the Otaku fun.

How it works:
  • Sign up in advance, either by email, on the forums
  • Sometimes there is last-minute at-con signup
  • Get a phone call or text message that confirms acceptance (we can't accept everyone because there is limited space)
  • Come to the anime speed dating room at the scheduled time
  • We give you paper to take notes and rate dates with
  • We rotate you between dates every four minutes.
  • There will be between seven and fourteen dates.
  • Light snacks may be served, light music played.
  • When done, we collect your ratings.
  • We then call or text you if we find a match.
  • You can take your match on a 'date' to our MaiOtaku dinner.