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Finding Otaku Dates At Anime Cons

Anime conventions, along with other fan conventions, are an excellent place to find thousands of like-minded fans. You must also keep in mind that not all of them are interested in dating, and many might not want to be bothered. To find Otaku at an anime convention, here's how to start:
  • Check convention events for dating related events. Many conventions have 'how to talk to girls/boys', and if you attend these you might meet some people while also picking up some important advice.

  • Remember that not everyone is at a convention looking for a date, in fact few are. But most are always happy for more friends, and that's a great way to start getting to know people and expand your social skills.

  • Just have fun at the convention, and talk to a lot of people. Don't think about getting a date the whole time. You can make lots of friends if you talk to people going to panels focused on things you like, and if you get their phone numbers then maybe your relationship could progress later. Don't make leaving the convention with a girlfriend or boyfriend your first priority.

  • Friendships matter as much as a romantic relationship. People in the best romantic relationships often also have a strong group of friends they can communicate with, as the same communications skills used in making friendships are important to healthy romantic relationships.