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Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne [Manga]

Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne
Plot Summary
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Kusakabe Maron has lived alone for a long time, since she was young and her parents left to travel abroad for their jobs. Her rent gets paid every month, and she always has money for food or whatever else she needs or wants, but her parents haven’t even sent a single letter to her in all the years they’ve been gone. Even though right across the hall is Maron’s best friend, and she always puts on a brave face, Maron always dreads the empty apartment at night and the time of day when she stops and checks her mail box, which never has anything in it. Then she meets Finn Fish, the tiny angel-in-training which tells her who she really is: Kaitou Jeanne, the reincarnation of Joan of Arc (known in the series as Jeanne d’Arc)! Now, as well as dealling with normal highschool and an empty mailbox, at night Maron must become Kaitou Jeanne, the amazing art thief who uses special divine tools given to her by the will of God to sneak into people’s homes and other places to “steal” beautiful objects, normaly paintings, which have been inhabited by demons who control the beautiful souls of the people who love the art. These people become greedy and cruel, and will stop at nothing to save the art. And so Jeanne leaves a note card, designating the time she will arrive to steal the art. The process used to seal the demon, however, also causes the art to disappear, and where paintings were a beautiful angel now fills the empty canvas. However, the athorities cannot allow this to go on, and Maron’s best friend, who dreams of becoming a detective and is the daughtor of a police chief, will stop at nothing to capture Jeanne and comes up with a new trap every night. Then the smooth-talking Chiaki moves in to the apartment next door to Maron, at the same time as Kaitou Sinbad appears and begins to seal demons as though he were in competition with Jeanne, and with his sidekick, another angel-in-training named Access Time, he is begining to thwart the police as well as Jeanne. Maron might have

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