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Ouran High School Host Club [Manga]

Ouran High School Host Club
Plot Summary

Ouran High School Host Club

Ouran Academy is a prestigious school for super-rich students. Haruhi Fujioka is a commoner who had been given the chance to get a scholarship from the school. While looking for a quite place to study, she finds an unused music room and thought it would be enough for her to study in peace. Little did she know that it was a club room for the Ouran High School Host Club. The manga goes a little further than the anime.

Inside the room, she meets a bunch of handsome guys who are part of the host club family. The host club consists of 6 members. Tamaki Suoh, Kyoya Otori, the twins Kaoru and Hikaru Hitachiin, Morinozuka Takashi and Haninozuka Mitsukuni.

After being mistaken for a guy and surrounded by weird people, Haruhi has accidentally bumped into one of the host clubs priceless vase. Because of this, Haruhi got quite nervous and asked how she could pay for the vase which costs 8,000,000 yen. Kaoru and Hikaru told her if she’s able to pay it because she can’t even buy their uniform set that costs 300,000 yen.

So the leader of the host club, Tamaki, told Haruhi to work it off. And thus, Haruhi was forced to be the host club’s dog until they graduate. She became an errand ‘’boy’’ for the host club until Hikaru removes the glasses Haruhi was wearing. Tamaki immediately ordered them to get things. Hikaru and Kaoru gave Haruhi a pair of the school’s boy’s uniform. They noticed something when Haruhi forcefully push them out of the dressing room.

After Haruhi changed, Tamaki immediately had her graduated from being the host club dog to an official host club rookie member and must designate 100 customers in order to pay off the debt she owes. Everything is going smooth until jealousy creeps in from one of Tamaki’s customers towards Haruhi because Tamaki has taken a liking to her and treat Haruhi as his son. The girl began bullying Haruhi like throwing her bag on the fountain and designate

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