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Kyou Kara Maou [TV]

Plot Summary

Kyo Kara Maoh!, takes place in an alternate world that Yuri Shibuya travels to by coming in contact with water. There are many nations in the alternate world, however, the plot centers around the The Great Demon Kingdom (? Shin Makoku?, True Mazoku Land). The people of the kingdom are Demons ( Mazoku?), but appear indistinguishable from human. Their only distinguishing traits are their long lives and the ability to use magic. The people of the Demon Tribe are able to make a pact with an element which they can then use magic of that element. Covenant Castle is in the capital of the Demon Kingdom. It is the residence of the Demon King (?? Maoh?, Mazoku King). The culture of The Great Demon Kingdom is very different from the Japanese culture Yuri is accustomed to, and the differences make for some amusing mishaps with long ranging consequences, such as an accidental proposal of marriage.

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