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Ace O Nerae! 2 [OVA]

Ace O Nerae! OVA 1
Ace O Nerae! 2
Plot Summary

This is the first OVA (Original Video Animation) for “Ace O Nerae!” series. These are some information about Ace O Nerae anime:

- TV season 1 ‘Ace o Nerae!’ (1973-74) ran for 26 episodes
- TV season 2 ‘Shin Ace o Nerae!’ (1978-79) ran for 25 episodes
- A Movie “Ace o Nerae: Theatrical Version” (“Jump High, Hiromi”) 1979
- OVA 1 “Ace o Nerae! 2” (1988) ran for 13 episodes
- OVA 2 “Ace o Nerae: Final Stage” (1989-1990) ran for 12 episodes

Total TV episodes: 51
Total OVA episodes: 25
Total Movie: 1

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