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Hau commented on Streamers?

I've streamed. It is alot of fun in my opinion, but also a surprising amount of work. I will definitely be going back to streaming one day. Education and health is priority right now.

Nov 26, 17 at 6:07am
gl17ch commented on Streamers?

Yeah, it's a whole new ball game to play games and stream but to me, streaming is special because it's not always about being the best at a game or anything. It's balancing the game and your audience and engaging them in your show. Talking to them, asking for input and involving them. But yes, @Hau and @real miku hatsune, make sure you prioritize school and real life first. It's def much more important to focus on the realities before hand. And of course, I will help anyone I can in any way I can to stream, it is a lot of work and it is very overwhelming with how much needs done.

Nov 26, 17 at 4:36pm

i originally used twitch but im switching over to this site called picarto

Nov 26, 17 at 4:58pm
gl17ch commented on Streamers?

Ah, never heard of Picarto but that seems like a solid name for an art streaming site.

Nov 26, 17 at 5:28pm

only streamed on it once so far, still not quite used to it.

Nov 26, 17 at 5:48pm

I did some youtube back in the day. Haven't done anything recently. I tried making some AMV's but never got that far in.


Nov 26, 17 at 8:52pm

Picarto is what I use! It's a really nice art streaming site. I like that it shows off people that are currently streaming and lists artists by tags! It's a pretty handy tool to get introduced to new art!

Nov 27, 17 at 8:06am
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