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I've gone to the dark side of gaming...

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I guess I can say that I switched from Xbox original to Wii when the next generation came around. My dad already had a 360 and I wanted to get back into Nintendo games. Then eventually I also bought a PS3. So these days usually end up with a Ninty home console and Sony console.

There's just somethings you can't get on a PC with a console and vice versa.

Jul 27, 17 at 12:42am

Initially switched from Playstation to Xbox however now a proud member of the PC master race

Aug 06, 17 at 12:42am

I used to mainly play Nintendo consoles back in high school. I played the hell out of my Wii, Wii U, and 3DS. I played my ps2 also, but I was all about that Nintendo. Right before I graduated, I got parents to buy me a cheap ps3 as a graduation present. Ever since then, I've switched to PlayStation as my primary gaming platform. My main console that I play now is my ps4.

Aug 06, 17 at 1:02am
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