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i'm good too~! i hope you'll have a nice day or night~!

Dec 14, 16 at 12:43pm

no prob~! how are you?

Dec 13, 16 at 10:44pm
Gureeta left a comment for (笑)anigamer99(笑)

LmaoXDDD But awww so cute:e

Sep 29, 15 at 12:19pm
Gureeta left a comment for (笑)anigamer99(笑)

She is pretty stupid but she also care a lot about her friendsxdd Well nobody is perfect at everythingXD So what did you like most about Yukimura?

Sep 29, 15 at 6:17am

y u do dis

Sep 28, 15 at 5:56pm

Its because I am lonely XD

Sep 28, 15 at 5:52pm

Well same, but we were in middle school when we went to separate high schools, and she was busy and far away, so I couldn't bother her... I don't often want to rely on others, so I rarely ask for help... I guess you could say that's a flaw. That is why I was going the distance to my first high school where I still am friends today with. Plus I've had worse than that, cause when I was young and at the beginning of high school I'd have nightmares that no one would enjoy... So yeah I went through a lot, but that's what helped carve the person I'm today.

Sep 28, 15 at 5:24pm

Well it's not that I can't completely not talk to people I don't know, there is at times I have to, but just like the little time I had in school around here, I tried to make friends my same grade level... I barely made a friend after two weeks in that school. It's not like my voice wouldn't be heard it was cause they ignored me and worse people talk shit about me... I had been there a half a year and I was miserable, to the point off being sick every day and barley eating anything(even sweets my last resort to eat)... I did make friends with the freshmen, and when I had seen another girl getting emotional distressed cause everyone around I did try to cheer her on, I did want tell her, "even though your around people that make you misrable there is still people that will be on your side," cause I wasn't the only one wanting to help, so were the freshmen... Honestly that's why I can't stand people sometimes, cause they hurt another in the process, but I guess it's a give and take.

Sep 28, 15 at 5:03pm

I did before for housekeeping, but I had issues with it, I really don't want to go into detail...(−_−;)It was at the same if it says anything, the reason I don't like that mall is cause people are so rude and think their better than everyone... It made it worse working in that department for the mall... So I'm right now looking for a job, there is some places hiring, but most in the mall... Cause right now other than a few malls near, there is not many side places to go to when heading to Denver... (-. -') so it makes it difficult, it's not hard to be accepted for me cause no criminal background and experience in working field, but I don't often want to be around people that are that way... That's why I will go with friends.

Sep 28, 15 at 4:08pm
Gureeta left a comment for (笑)anigamer99(笑)

Kanae I think, I don't know I just love all of them...Yea I can tell who is yoursXDD

Sep 28, 15 at 3:12pm
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