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im currently playing Fate/EXTELLA :D yay red saber!

Aug 27, 17 at 5:33pm

Ace Attorney (Investigations 2 is underrated)
Danganronpa (v3 HYPE)
Steins;Gate (gonna play Steins;Gate 0 after v3)
Zero Escape (complex motives)
Own Clannad but yet to play that.
Interested in checking out Root Letter, and Chaos;Child once that comes out.

Sep 01, 17 at 3:52pm

Just started playing Sakura dungeon and i keep dying haha

Sep 10, 17 at 3:34am

currently rereading katawa shoujo since its still my favorite VN. Recently finished Chrono Clock and i can definitely say i loved it. Easily rate it among my favorites. Planning to dive into Wagamama High Spec once i have my fill of KS since it was finally released in english.

Sep 16, 17 at 11:26pm

Currently I am reading Chrono Clock, and My Girlfriend is the President.

43 minutes ago
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