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Which type of gamer are you most like?

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15% Achiever
70% Explorer
10% Socialite
5% Killer
Due to most of the games I usually play are open world but occasionally i play open world RPGs for example of these types of RPG'S are skyrim and fallout 3 and fallout four

Jul 30, 16 at 7:19am

40% Achiever
40% Explorer
15% Killer
5% Socialite

Aug 07, 16 at 11:10pm
Ringo_Blue commented on Which type of gamer are you most like?

75% Achiever
25% Killer
0% Explorer
0% Socialite

There is a reason why I never get to play versus or team-based games anymore and why my friends and family never invite me for any gaming stuff.

Aug 08, 16 at 3:35am

35% Achiever
30% Explorer
20% Killer
15% Socialite

Aug 08, 16 at 5:01am

35% killer
0% socialite
35℅ achiever
30℅ explorer

I'm mostly into fighting and RPG games. Also like some survival horror and visual novels. I like some shooters too.

Currently playing Fallout New Vegas, FFX, Condemned: Bloodshot, Devil May Cry 4, Resident Evil 5.

Oh, also been playing Tekken ^ ^

Aug 08, 16 at 8:36am
Illuminous commented on Which type of gamer are you most like?

I'd say I'm like:
45% killer
35% Achiever
15% Explorer
5% socialite

Although recently I've started changing to more explorer. Instead of fighting games I've started getting more like adventure games. Or rather I've been looking for them more. Fighting games just feel unbalanced depending on which character you use. I personally feel like not all characters have an equal shot to win against certain characters within the game.

Aug 08, 16 at 12:32pm
PrinceOfJunes commented on Which type of gamer are you most like?

Kind of depends on the game. I'm a "Killer" on stuff like Street Fighter, Marvel vs. Capcom, Guilty Gear, BlazBlue, Halo, etc. however I'm also an "Achiever" or an "Explorer" on like JRPG's, Platformers, Survival Horror, and the like.

Aug 09, 16 at 6:33am

50% killer
40% explorer
10% achiever
0% socialite

Aug 13, 16 at 6:35am

25% 25% 25% 25% i like all aspects~

Aug 13, 16 at 6:39am

50% Explorer
40% Killer
1% Achiever
9% Socialite

I have only a few friends who play and hang out with, meeting people in Co-op and PVP battles are my jam! just finished Doom!

Aug 14, 16 at 3:34am
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