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Which type of gamer are you most like?

MaiOtaku Forums > Video Games Discussion > Which type of gamer are you most like?

Or if you are a combination thereof, what percentage of each trait would you say you have of these 4? Also what kinds of games are your favorite and why?

For me I'd say:
maybe 15% Killer
55% Explorer
15% Achiever
and 15% Socialite

My favorite type of games are honestly customization games like Mario Maker, building game concepts on GameMaker, and yes...Minecraft.
I just like seeing what I can do with a concept and exploring the possible applications therein. But that's me, what about you guys?

Jan 26, 16 at 5:06pm

15% Killer
30% Explorer
40% Achiever
15% Socialite

Jan 26, 16 at 11:24pm

35% Killer
40% Explorer
15% Socialite
10% Achiever

Mostly Fighting an JRPG'S. Fav. Blazblue and Tales of.

Jan 26, 16 at 11:33pm

I can recite the lines in Symphonia from beginning to end(yes including the NPCs. That was my game back in the day.

Jan 26, 16 at 11:39pm

49% Killer
50% Socialite
1% Explorer

Jan 26, 16 at 11:46pm

50% Killer
50% Explorer
50% Socialite
50% Achiever

Jan 27, 16 at 12:02am

50% Socialite
35% Achiever
10% Explorer
5% Killer

Jan 27, 16 at 12:06am

40% Achiever
40% Explorer
10% Socialite
10% Killer

Jan 27, 16 at 12:42am

60% Killer
30% Achiever
9% Explorer
1% Socialite

I get the mods on. Killing is my way to rank up.

Jan 27, 16 at 7:07am

I came in here hoping there was gonna be a quiz. Probably mostly Achiever though.

A video on the topic:

Jan 27, 16 at 8:20am
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