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What game are you currently playing?

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Just recently bought Tekken 7, and damn is Akuma cheap as hell.

Jul 09, 17 at 2:57am

Still playing on a vanilla World of Warcraft private server (Elysium), but might be jumping over to a really hyped and seemingly well developed Burning Crusade server (Felmyst). Such a tough call because there are things I really like about both.

Jul 09, 17 at 9:37am

hi im new here
im playing the forest alpha built 0.62 its a survival game when you need to examine your survival skills in an island against some monsters also the ability to build and hunt is in the game

Jul 09, 17 at 9:50am

Currently Project X Zone. I was bored with my current games and the employee at GameStop said that this game is kind of like Fire Emblem. lol. I'm giving it a try, it's decent but I haven't had the effort to play it. XD

Jul 09, 17 at 11:51pm
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