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Controlling relationship?

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There are plenty of good people out there that will appreciate the fact that you like anime. I think if you have to change for a relationship, it's no good, never change who you are.

Oct 12, 17 at 10:57am

I don't understand why he had a problem with you liking anime. You can enjoy just about anything in moderation. If anime is something you enjoy, then keep at it. Don't listen when people tell you to "grow up" or that it's childish. If you want to watch anime, that's your own business. You're not always going to have the same hobbies or interests as the person you're with, but you should never have to abandon something you love because of them. It sounds like he didn't really love you if he considered you liking anime a deal breaker.
If I was dating a girl that told me that she hated me playing video games and that I should stop, I would get out of that relationship ASAP.

It's good that you broke up with him because he was being way too controlling. You are much better off without him.

Nov 19, 17 at 1:43am

Controlling? It can be good if they do it for your better good.

Making you stop everything you like, like harmless anime? The fuck? What is he trying to do, turn you into a cumdumpster with no mind of your own? Down with this trash.

You clearly don't like him since you didn't say "I'D HAPPILY DITCH ANIME FOR HIM HE MAKES ME SO HAPPY OMG"

Dec 11, 17 at 1:34pm

No one is ever worth sacrificing the things you love and I don’t think you should feel weird about liking anime at your age. What’s thereto be ashamed about? It’s just a style of art. Haha how many adults watch Bob’s burgers, rick and Morty, archer, Simpson’s?

Dec 11, 17 at 5:53pm

a controlling by/gf is never good. u have a life too, u have ur free will. they will get u stuck on life so get away from those type of nasty person, if they want to control something’s life tell them to get a dog

Dec 12, 17 at 12:02pm
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