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Do you have any unusual turn-offs?

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This isn't really an unusual turn off, so much as how strong of a turn off it is for me.


A girl could be a smoking hot 10. And the second I see her light up. Off like a light switch. I won't even give her a second look. Not even as eye candy.

Not to be rude. Maybe she's a perfectly nice person, but cigarette smoke....

(pun not intended)

Sep 17, 17 at 1:24am

<<<< I agree with everyone else all summed up into one o-o

Sep 17, 17 at 1:33am

Not sure if this is unusual, but I'm not into super trendy people.

I'm talking about those who's lives solely revolve around instgtam and Pinterest, they always gotta follow the latest trends like sheep, it's like they don't know how to think for themselves.

Sep 17, 17 at 11:04pm

@ Wesley-sensei
I agree. I really think smoking is gross and very unappealing. It is such a downer to see a super hot girl but then see her smoke. It's just such a waste because in 20 years all that beauty is going down the drain. Not to mention I start choking up around cigarette smoke so I can't even be near them. If people want to do it then it's their choice but it's just not for me.

Sep 30, 17 at 2:01am

I'd have to agree with the whole smoking thing. Any form of tobacco just grosses me the hell out. Nail chewing too, but I guess I MIGHT be able to look past that.

Sep 30, 17 at 2:09am

Not sure about uncommon but:

Guys who drive fast or have road rage. Driving so aggressively makes me think they dont respect or give a crap about his or my safety.

Those with nomophobia. Or type essays through text rather than press the call button.

Picky or loud eaters. Doesn't like animals. Those that don't care/ indecisive/ go with the flow all (or most) the time.

Oct 01, 17 at 11:29pm

Cerealia I'm sorry to say this but at least around where I live that's pretty much 90% of guys. As a technician I know the reason we drive fast or make our engines roar is to "impress" a lady even if the car is shit

Oct 02, 17 at 12:13am

Women, please stop doing this to yourselves...

Oct 02, 17 at 1:19am

bish try and take these off my feet

theyr comfy af

Oct 02, 17 at 5:47am

i am with lamby
at home i aint going to a victoria secrets show, i'd rather be comfy

Oct 02, 17 at 5:54am
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