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Would You Live in Japan?

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Many-titled Neko commented on Would You Live in Japan?
Many-titled Neko
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Jul 24, 16 at 3:38am

I'd like to do a lot more research first. Visiting/Vacationing sounds amazing, but officially living there is a whole other story. If I could get over the heat and humidity I've been hearing about, that's one big step for me personally; with a whole flight or so of them to conquer.

Jul 30, 16 at 6:43am

So far, so good. Everyone has been very nice and helpful to me. I'm in Namamugi near Tsurumi river. Pretty sweet to jog along in the morning or at dusk. Though I'm not in a "touristy" area, I'm just a train ride away to Akihabara. Besides my neighbor, who just went back to Canada, I don't have anyone locally to chill with, so I'm a loner over here. I also haven't gotten senpai/kouhai to notice me (hypothetically; they never exist).

Aug 02, 16 at 1:42am

I would but not the rest of my life probably 2 years

Aug 02, 16 at 11:36am

That place that has the weekly monster or robot battles.

Aug 02, 16 at 8:08pm

I wouldn't live in Japan because from what I've read the country is extremely racist, especially to people who fetishize the Anime/Manga culture. Not to mention they have an anti-fat law, which means your waist cannot exceed a certain size or you could be fined big money. Their food and cartoons are a nice foreign import, let's leave it at that.

Aug 23, 16 at 6:42pm

I would totally live there. I lived there for two years it was amazing i loved it! i hate living in america it sucks. :(

Aug 23, 16 at 7:49pm
Illuminous commented on Would You Live in Japan?

I hate working period :/

I only want to go there to see hot girls and buy some anime things then leave. Working in the USA sucks already and I heard Japan is worse. I'd rather not live there if it's that damn bad.

Aug 24, 16 at 12:20am
MrPanduhhh commented on Would You Live in Japan?

Honestly I would be lost as fuck haha.

Aug 24, 16 at 4:24pm

Would visit annually most likely

Aug 25, 16 at 10:02am
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