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Would You Live in Japan?

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Oh... um... looks like your comments about mine vanished...

Jun 17, 16 at 12:07pm
♡ A-Mei-Zing ♡ commented on Would You Live in Japan?
♡ A-Mei-Zing ♡

Sorry for that, looked a bit deeper into the news and asked around, seen that some of my stuff was off mark so I just deleted it ^^

Jun 17, 16 at 8:32pm


No worries.

I'm not gonna down play it; I'm pretty excited about going this summer.

I'll see how I feel about it while I'm there.

Jun 17, 16 at 10:22pm
♡ A-Mei-Zing ♡ commented on Would You Live in Japan?
♡ A-Mei-Zing ♡

It's 50/50 really, some enjoy it, others hate it :P

Jun 17, 16 at 10:29pm

I definitely wouldn't mind owning a house over there, i think the culture shock would be fun.

Jul 17, 16 at 8:35pm

i was there for a month, cant live without tacos...

Jul 20, 16 at 1:18am

I would visit Japan for vacation and to see the sites and see what it has to offer but not live their. Japan does has it's own fair share of problems. So just visit or go on vacation that's all.

Jul 20, 16 at 3:58pm

I think I'd like to visit Japan then to live there. I think I'd like to live in South Korea but I'd have visit both.

Jul 21, 16 at 3:50am

I'd be in heaven!

Jul 23, 16 at 11:26pm
Ringo_Blue commented on Would You Live in Japan?

I've been there as a tourist and although it certainly has its appeal, I also heard not-so-good stories particularly from women who are pursuing graduate studies there. :)

One of my adviser's batch mates was a dissertation-short of completing her PhD when she got pregnant. When she told her adviser, he promptly asked her to just return to the Philippines because she would have no use for the PhD anymore. That's not verbatim, I'm sure, but the thought is there. She wanted to transfer advisers, but the culture of professional respect is so strong in their university that no other professors would take her out of respect for her original adviser.

Jul 24, 16 at 3:03am
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