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Anyone going or went to Japan?

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Japan's not too far away from me atm actually. I'm planning to go after I finish my degree. I'd probably just visit Akihabara and Tokyo for the most part though. The rest would be sightseeing. Although meeting some Osakan homies sounds great. I'd probably make a short film called Osakan Drift and we spit game in Kansai dialect and do downhill drift racing

Mar 12, 17 at 10:37am
Tamamo_no_mae commented on Anyone going or went to Japan?
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Mar 12, 17 at 8:32pm
≧ ManamI ≦ commented on Anyone going or went to Japan?
≧ ManamI ≦

I'll visiting Tokyo this July. Does anyone have a recommended place for food?

Mar 20, 17 at 6:20am

I'm going in about a month, to Kyoto, Osaka and Tokyo, I actually went there last October as well, so it'll be nice to go back, and my Japanese is generally good enough to strike up basic conversation and understand what they're saying to me.

Mar 20, 17 at 7:42am

Eventually moving to Japan in maybe under a year or so! Very excited but kinda nervous

Apr 27, 17 at 4:42am

Been there 3 times already!

The most wonderful experience I've ever done was visiting Japan!!!!!

Jun 16, 17 at 2:14am

I'm really really really hoping I can make it to Japan by the start of 2019. Planning to go with a couple of friends for a month (or until our money runs out) but if they bail on me whelp then I'm going alone cause there's no way I'm not going. :P

Aug 20, 17 at 12:19am

I'll be in Japan from September 2019 until June/July 2020. I can't wait.

Nov 18, 17 at 6:20pm

Antone thats been to Tokyo know if its manageable without being able to speak Japanese?

Dec 01, 17 at 12:51pm

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Dec 03, 17 at 10:22pm
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