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Eventually I would, once I find a nice girl, get married and we have stable jobs and a nice home then I'd be pretty happy becoming a dad. I'd ideally want a girl and a boy, order doesn't really matter but that's not really something that can be controlled. Until I can finally get my shit together and I find that someone special, I'm pretty happy being the favourite uncle who my little niece loves to beat up for now :D

Apr 24, 17 at 2:38pm
Cero commented on Kids


(not anytime soon)

Apr 24, 17 at 6:00pm
NeKo NiOr commented on Kids


Fur babies are just fine :D

Apr 24, 17 at 8:43pm
Chocopyro commented on Kids

One of these days, I would like a family.

Apr 25, 17 at 10:05pm
xynomi commented on Kids

Oh hell yeah, I like kids and they adore me. Whenever there's kids around they stick to me like crazy. I'd at least want two as being an only child seems depressing. Especially as someone who grew up being close to their sibling.

Apr 25, 17 at 10:24pm

Absolutely! Even though It seems like a distant thing for me, I do wanna try and be a loving father someday. I wanna be a good parent, I already have an Idea on how i'm going to raise my children.

Though I want a daughter though...

cause snuggles and cuteness.

Though I'd like a son to teach and mentor as he grows.

Apr 25, 17 at 10:29pm
Beherit commented on Kids

We'll think about that one later. I have the best names in mind, too... none of them common (in America at least).

Apr 25, 17 at 11:53pm
Fox Queen commented on Kids

To be honest i also have a girl name in mind. It has something to do with Vanessa being a butterfly genus and that name being a subgenus ^^

Apr 26, 17 at 12:22am

I most definitely want chittlins. I want to have 4 myself. None of that grow-a-baby type or cheetah baby type stuff. Due to the lack of technology in that field, I have to look into a adoption potentially.

Apr 26, 17 at 1:32am
Fox Queen commented on Kids

Let's adopt together angelica ^^

Apr 26, 17 at 1:52am
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