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Hobbies You Hide From People

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Right I will start. First, I like to collect cute stuff animals, but as a man, I hide it because it's too embarrassing for people to know what hobbies do you hide?

Jan 03, 18 at 9:13pm

Watching anime, because I'm surrounded by normal people T^T

Jan 03, 18 at 9:21pm

I don't hide my hobbies because none of them is harmful....

Jan 04, 18 at 12:19am

Not necessarily hide, or perhaps you could say I "hide" all of them. I just don't usually mention hobbies that are irrelevant to the situation or person I'm talking to.

Jan 05, 18 at 2:15am


I use facial cremes & lotions


Jan 05, 18 at 4:14am

Why would i share smth i hide n.n

Jan 09, 18 at 6:32am

I hide that I enjoy watching hentai to people I know irl

Jan 09, 18 at 6:43am

I don't really hide any of my hobbies but I also don't go out of my way to tell everyone I meet what I'm interested in. If someone asks what my hobbies are I'd just tell them. -shrug-

Jan 09, 18 at 9:25am

none, my shame meter is way too low to care

besides, if someone judges me on my hobbies, i dont want them around anyways

Jan 09, 18 at 10:49am

Heh, I grew up around blue-collar workers and mechanics so sharing my poetry and drawing is a definite no-no.

Jan 09, 18 at 11:27am
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