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My otaku girl


To the otaku girl I am searching for.
I wont-wait by idley for you to find me. I will find you when you need me the most. I will turn the ice within you, to a soothing onsen (hot spring). I will work on our relationship with the precision and care that goes into making the world's finest samurai sword.
I will make all the stresses in your life melt away. I will help you achieve your goals, and you can cheer me on as I conquer mine. Even when traveling across the world to japan, we will feel at home in each other's arms. I want to expand your horizons show you all the sides of the ocean fly above the clouds with no need for a plane
I'll be your Pocky If you be my Mochi. I'll be your hero if you be my goddess

Dec 31, 17 at 5:55pm


Dec 31, 17 at 5:56pm
Lamby commented on My otaku girl

thats so crazy its romantic

Dec 31, 17 at 6:17pm

Aww gwosh! Thanks

Dec 31, 17 at 6:20pm

That is a romantic verse, but what of you fall in love with someone who isn't an Otaku? *mysterious music on the background*

Dec 31, 17 at 8:54pm
shinu commented on My otaku girl

I'll just sit on my ass and do other stuff. I find romance a waste of time unless I can actively utilize it with someone.

Dec 31, 17 at 9:09pm

This is a really magic of a romance!^^

Dec 31, 17 at 9:22pm

This post is awesome

Dec 31, 17 at 9:58pm

nigga u gay

Dec 31, 17 at 10:28pm


Dec 31, 17 at 10:31pm
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