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I'm planning on a trip to Tokio anything I really need to know?

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Konnichiwa anyone has some tips? Money is not really a problem so I'd like to see some very special places in Tokio. I've never been there. Are there any good places where I can meet poeple to talk with? Is there something like a night life, clubs and stuff? I really don't know a lot help me plssssss minna! :o

Dec 29, 17 at 11:50am

that its actually spelled Tokyo

Dec 31, 17 at 8:36pm

池袋,原宿,上野,秋葉原, 淺草寺.......these places....

Dec 31, 17 at 9:47pm

Aww sorry grammar nazi in german its spelled tokio im so sowwy

Thanks for your awesome tips Enki

Jan 01, 18 at 7:24am

oh shit really? i didn't know that sorry.

but since your going there if you want to be surrounded by anime and manga go to Akihabara.
and if you want i'd suggest the Tokyo Skytree, seriously the view is fucking amazing.

Jan 01, 18 at 8:18pm

Thank you :) Yea I heard about Akihabara.

Jan 02, 18 at 12:04pm

Don't be a cringe weeb or else the locals will call you a baka gaijin and laugh at you.

Jan 02, 18 at 12:18pm

When you go to Akihabara, you have to explore the side streets! Most tourists only go to the big shops on the main street. My favorite shop there is Lashinbang (main store is a bit hidden, above a computer store IIRC). You have to google a bit ^^
If there are any specific things you would like to see in Tokyo and the area, you can ask me. I have been there many times. Last time, some other tourists asked me what ero manga I can recommend xD

Jan 03, 18 at 6:30pm
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Jan 05, 18 at 10:44pm
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