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Xenoblade Chronicles 2

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Like all the other "xeno" games, this basically has no relation to the first Xenoblade Chonicles, or Xenoblade Chronicles X, or anything.

So far it's pretty decent, though the Cat Girl's voice actor has an overbearing welsh accent that causes me great anger.

This time around the characters are done in more of an anime style as to the semi realistic depictions of the last two games. And in doing so, they give us many fanservice type moments.

One of the main characters, Pyra, for example, has breasts that defy all known logic. Poppi, a fun character robot girl, seems to have been designed as some bizarre inter-species sex robot. All in good fun though!

Anyone else playing this?

Dec 04, 17 at 11:21pm

Isn't Elisium one of the places in the first game?

Dec 07, 17 at 8:35pm

In name only. No relation.

Dec 08, 17 at 7:40am
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