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Danganronpa V3 Hype

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Anyone else hyped for the game that's coming out in less than a week (for NA anyway)?

Sep 19, 17 at 10:23pm

Preordered and replaying 1 and 2. Also gotta watch the anime for the despair and future arcs.

Sep 23, 17 at 7:57am

Did any of you Play the Demo ?

Sep 23, 17 at 8:13am

I played the demo and now I'm hype

Sep 23, 17 at 1:16pm

got the collectors edition off nisamerica store. Really cool backpack and hat but im dissapointed in the quality of the headphones. Backpack is somewhat small too.

Sep 26, 17 at 6:24pm

Finished the game last week, The ending was....quite interesting lol

Oct 12, 17 at 8:13pm
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