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Pick a anime universe


Have you had to be in one universe that involves an anime which universe would it be and why?

Sep 14, 17 at 10:13am

Definitely the Silver Millennium era of Sailor Moon, because I want to spend quality time with Makoto Kino aka Sailor Jupiter and become romantically involved by successfully wooing her away from Nephrite, because I can and I will. Of course. Naturally.

Sep 14, 17 at 8:02pm

Pokemon, a place were my pets can understand what I say to them, and be my best friends

Nov 07, 17 at 5:20am

Same here it would have to be the pokemon one

Nov 07, 17 at 2:57pm

tokyo ghoul
(ill end up a human in the 6th ward wont i? >w>....)

Nov 07, 17 at 6:05pm

Bleach and to become a soul reaper nyaa.^^

Nov 07, 17 at 7:17pm

Ninja From the hidden leaf

Nov 07, 17 at 7:47pm

Fate universe. I'd like to take part in Seihai Sensou/Holy Grail War, and summon a famous person such as Karna or Baiqi as my servant.
Fate Grand Order's universe is the best, I could have multiple servants then.

Nov 08, 17 at 5:06am

A Certain Magical Index. I wanna be a level 5 pyrokinetic. And the science of the powers in that universe is just amazing.

Nov 08, 17 at 5:08am
Tired of here. Inactive. commented on Pick a anime universe
Tired of here. Inactive.

Pick AN* anime universe.

Nov 08, 17 at 3:22pm
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